Clear Unsightly Stumps From Your Landscape

Choose us for stump grinding work in Chino, CA

If you’re afraid that removing a stump from your property will ruin your landscape, you’ll be pleased to know that this method actually improves the appearance of your yard and creates more space. Alfonso's Tree Service, Inc. offers stump removal services for Chino, California residents. Our team can remove stumps as large as seven-feet wide.

We’ll use our top-of-the-line equipment to remove your stumps quickly and safely. An arborist will grind your stump to the heart, preventing any future growth. Once your stump has been removed, we’ll cover up the hole and smooth it over.

Trust us to remove stumps without tearing up your yard. Call now to get a free estimate on stump grinding services in Chino, California.

4 reasons to grind stumps instead of uprooting them

4 reasons to grind stumps instead of uprooting them

The team at Alfonso's Tree Service remains informed of the best stump removal tactics. We grind stumps instead of uprooting them because this method is:

  1. Safe
  2. Efficient
  3. Quick
  4. Eco-friendly

Hire us to eliminate the eyesores on your property. Contact us ASAP to schedule stump removal services in Chino, California.